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The Secret Child: Life After Loss

Hello Dear Ones,

I am excited to announce “The Secret Child: Life after Loss” has been released. This project is dear to my heart. I was chosen with 15 other parents in 2019 to write a chapter, which shares our journey from grief to transformation while honoring our precious children’s lives. Every parent’s story in this book will help bring hope and comfort to parents who have lost a child or better support someone who is companioning a parent whose child has passed.

The pain of child loss never goes away. Parents will tell you they still have their bad days. However, I have found sharing stories and memories of my son, Krystofer’s life, and ways I chose to keep his legacy alive to be very healing to my broken heart. My chapter, Resurrecting the Broken Hearts, focuses on the power of forgiveness and keeping Krystofer’s passion for music alive within our local community.

One of the book creators (Brenda Pearce) and I did a Facebook Live where we discussed grief pertaining to the death of a child and how we are embracing life in honor of our children on the other side of the veil. If you would like to learn more about our experience with child loss, check out my Facebook live session with Brenda Pearce below:

The book is available on Amazon.

Thank you for letting me share this book’s mission to support parents in grief with you!

Love and gratitude,

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