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Heart Attunement Package


The Signature Heart Attunement Package

The Heart Attunement Package (HAP) is an aid to overcoming emotional challenges in your life that are keeping you stuck in unhappiness.

Heart Healing enables you to have a breakthrough to heal whatever struggle you are currently experiencing.  The nature of the heart is wisdom, love and peace. However, intense upsets block us from tuning in to hear its guidance.  

Emotional suffering presents common symptoms such as: feeling dissatisfied, depressed, anxious, discouraged, or stuck.  Addressing these symptoms through the HAP process allows you to feel safe and secure enough to connect to the heart beyond the trauma feelings, so you feel more harmonious, courageous, authentic, empowered, abundant, and peaceful.


The 3 Sessions HAP Package

The HAP is a 3-session process that will help you navigate a particular challenge by addressing the emotional, energetic, and psychological areas. 

Session 1: Meeting the Inner Healer 

You will be guided by me as I use a powerful script to help you connect with the healing, creative, and imaginative power of your heart.  As you commune into your heart’s loving field you will feel the pressure melting away from your life. Challenges causing emotional distress such as strained and tense relationships, lack of purpose, lack of abundance, loss and grief, health problems, and more can be brought for healing.

Session 2: Heart Resonance Sound Healing

This incredible sound healing method uses vocal tones for the heart to recalibrate and harmonize after releasing your challenge.  The Heart Resonance Tones™ help the heart to integrate the emotional shifts within your body, mind, soul, and behaviors. Sound changes our state and has been used to heal since ancient times. These trademark vocal tones offer an unique healing wisdom that is medicine for your heart as well as a peaceful and enjoyable experience.  

Session 3: Spiritual Counseling  

I am a skilled counselor for the emotional healing journey. We will meet and join heart to heart to talk and anchor the healing from your HAP experience.  During our sacred time together, I will fully witness and truly hear your thoughts, feelings, and insights that you are feeling called to share. I will also provide you with the steps you can take to best apply this new knowledge and state of being into your day-to-day life.   


The Heart Attunement Package (HAP) addresses crises of the heart. You can purchase a healing package to work through various the emotional layers of your challenge.  


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