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Spiritual Counseling and energy work are not to be used as substitutes for medical examination, diagnosis, or treatment.

If you wish to reschedule your appointment the request must be made 24 hours prior to your scheduled session, otherwise, you are asked to honor the day/time you have chosen. If you cannot, your session is forfeited.

If you do not show for your session, it will be forfeited

I completely understand that sometimes an unforeseeable event happens, such as inclement weather, a family emergency, etc.  If this occurs, please reach out as soon as practical. This can be done by email, phone or text (the contact information is provided in your confirmation email once you schedule your appointment).  Depending on the circumstance and my discretion, I may reschedule your missed session, or it may be forfeited.

I consider it an honor and joy to provide support to the people who choose to work with me. By sharing this policy, I am asking for your understanding that this decision supports other clients as well as my business.

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