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Sound Healing


Vocal Toning

Sound healing shifts our vibration through the power of relaxation while transmuting stress and pain. Our voices are powerful instruments that can transmit sounds and tones that promote healing and wellness.


Connie is certified to offer Heart Resonance Tones and Elohim Sound Healing. The Heart Resonance Tones help purify your relationship with your heart, which leads to trusting and clearly hearing your its' intuitive guidance. Elohim Sound Healing tones work with the 3 energetic systems (mind, body, and heart) to harmonize your entire being.  


The beginning of the session you will set an intention. Next, you will relax as I offer vocal tones. After the sound healing tones are completed there will be time to process your experience. Also, I will share any Divine guidance that came through while working with you. 

If you are unsure which vocal toning method to select look at your healing intention.


Sound Healing is conducted over the phone or online via zoom.

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