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Spiritual counseling is a wonderful opportunity for you to reevaluate life challenging situations such as: illnesses, chronic pain, relationship problems, financial issues, and inner conflicts. You will receive guidance, clarity, and tools that support you to live the life you desire. Our work together will be in a sacred space free of judgement. This sacred space allows us to openly observe, explore, and discuss how the challenges you have identified are blocking you from your desired goals.

We begin every session with a prayer to connect with Spirit and each other.  Prayer serves as a practice for communicating with Spirit and allowing his guidance to direct the session.  After the prayer, I will wholeheartedly listen as you state your intention for this healing time.  While you are stating your intention, my heart will hold the space of truly knowing Spirit will guide us on a healing journey to help us discover where we need to focus our attention. Our healing work together will be centered on releasing and creating beliefs that support your highest good. Your willingness to release ideas and beliefs that no longer serve your highest good helps you begin to break free from the bondage that manifests as the pain and suffering in an exchange for peace, grace, gratitude, and joy. 

Spiritual Counseling is intended to help you feel empowered.  It is through your commitment to do this work that you will find the courage to live the life Spirit is co-creating with you. I will share Spiritual tools and exercises to further support your healing, which can be used outside of the sessions.

Spiritual Counseling is transdenominational. All faiths are welcomed!

Spiritual Counseling sessions are conducted over the phone or online via zoom.

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