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Dolphin Medicine: Playfulness

The tranquil and sapphire blue ocean water gracefully embraced my body. I was experiencing the joy and curiosity of a little girl in this mystical ocean, which seemed to be apart from the current world. The majestic and loving nature of the dolphins had transported me to a realm of playfulness, childlike wonder, and magic. They began guiding me to an archway constructed from ivory cobblestone, which I intuitively felt to be a portal to another dimension. I eagerly travelled with them, then, suddenly, I was jolted out of the dream, because my dogs woke me up for their morning outdoor trip.

Since my twenties, swimming with the dolphins had been on my bucket list. Well, lucky for me, the dolphin dream from that morning was building upon an actual dream come true. A couple weeks ago, my husband and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary in Key West Florida. During our brief, but much needed time away to connect with one another, I scheduled time to swim with the dolphin…time to make a dream come true.

What a magical experience!

These magnificent beings of the enchanting sea showered and splashed me with love and joy. I had no sense of time while in their presence. My only awareness was experiencing fun in the present moment.

The two dolphins that I got to spend time with were a mother and son team. The wise and protective mother was named Dingy, and she was 44 (only 4 years younger than me). The zealous son was named Jet, and he was 5 years old. Being that I am the mother of 3 sons, I could feel the spiritual connection of us working together. The mother and son relationship is very important in my life and healing.

Dingy and Jet warmly welcomed me into their hearts as we swam and danced together. The dolphin trainer even gifted me with the opportunity to gently massage the mother’s belly and to embrace the son with a gentle hug. I enthusiastically touched these magnificent beings. My heart felt expansive with delight. The little girl in me was laughing and smiling from ear to ear while enjoying the wonderments of their presence. I was in a space of experiencing the magic of creation.

Dolphin energy is very healing to many people. Their playful nature was medicine for my soul.

Our world is full of many stressors that keep us stuck in fear and survival mode. We tend to let these stressors override our mind with constant anxiety, which can keep us from engaging in times of joy. I, too, at times am guilty of going into a space of fear and dread.

Often adults will say watching the giddiness of children experiencing joy from the simple things in life, such as rain falling from the sky and getting them wet, a butterfly fluttering past them, or a silly sound making them giggle brings them happiness. Playfulness should continue throughout out the spectrum of life...not just childhood. Dr. Wayne Dyer stated this truth with these words, "One of the most responsible things you can do as an adult is to become more of a child." Playfulness brings:






Nourishment for our souls.

Relaxation to an overthinking mind.

Even as an adult, I still do childlike activities to feel the joy and creativity of life.

I enjoy:

getting a sketch pad out and doodling,

coloring in coloring books,

looking at nature with awe (the sky, trees, birds, flowers, rainbows)

getting my hands dirty in the soil of the earth to feel Mother Earth’s nourishment and grounded consciousness when planting seeds and flowers.

Dancing and singing my heart out, especially when home alone…lol

Our soul’s crave play time. God did not gift us with life to work and worry it away. Of course, as adults we have responsibilities, but it is okay to find ways to enjoy life and have fun.

My prayer for humanity is to see and experience life with childlike wonder.

Do something playful or creative that makes your heart sing with joy!!!

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1 Comment

Aug 21, 2022

I did this very thing last night! Had dinner with new friends we met going to our local pool. Great people!! I danced the night away, listening to great music 🎶 from my era. I was outdoors, listening to the crickets sing, trees blowing in the gentle wind and the blades of grass moving side to side. I got to see my favorite sight of all time, a flock of geese take off in and then land in the water. I saw a rainbow 🌈 followed later by lightening in the dark sky. Such a healing night for me. Thank you for pushing me forward out of my darkness into the sunshine ☀️ again. I too wish to swim wit…

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